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Relaxing with Colour

by Klarissa — January 10, 2015

The other day I was sitting watching T.V. with my boys. Jon, my almost three year old who loves to draw and colour, grabbed a piece of paper and crayons and said, “Colour!” as he shoved them onto my lap. After my initial shock at being so forcefully demanded to colour, I did.

My masterpiece with Jon's help of course.

My masterpiece with Jon’s help of course.

Dominik, who usually has a hard time unglueing his eyes from the T.V., couldn’t take his eyes off of my swirls. He proceeded to get his note book , which is now his art book, and began to create his own swirls.

Jon's and Dominik's swirls.

Jon’s and Dominik’s swirls.

The three of us have found relaxation and inspiration with our simple pieces of art. I forget too quickly how calming colouring is. I must remember to thank Jon for being so demanding.

My current colouring page.

My current colouring page.

Our mediums of choice.

Our mediums of choice.

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