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Unblocking Writer’s Block (or: A Glimpse Into My Day Lately)

by Sara — January 22, 2015


Right. Just write.

“Mommy, do you want someone to sleep with you in your bed who doesn’t kick you and loves you most of all?” – Yes, a night shift begins. Toss, turn, a little girl’s hair tickling my nose. Birds singing. It’s Africa but I can see my breath. “Cornflakes, again!?” Thinking about lunch at breakfast: what do I pack? Girls – get dressed, brush your teeth, get socks on, grab your bags. Out the door. Bye, love you. Pile dishes in the sink. If I’m late, it will set a bad example. Hurry up. You don’t have time for mascara. Can’t you go faster? Get off your phone. Pull over if you want to stop. I’m here and it’s my thing but I really don’t know where to start today. Brownies. Too much salt. Don’t eat the batter, you didn’t eat breakfast. My hands are dry. Don’t forget to put Vaseline on later. Lunch already? Chicken sandwich, avocado salad, soup is too hot. I’ll pick up some nice bread, the kids will like that. I forgot to have coffee this morning. Maybe that’s why my brain feels fuzzy. Quick coffee. Nod, nod. Not feeling generous today. Hey guys – how was your day? “Mama, can I tell you something? Um, um, um…” Daggy don’t fall asleep. Zizi do you have homework? Wash the morning dishes and the kids lunch dishes and start dinner and wash some of those dishes so that you don’t have that many dishes to do later. Girls! Dinner! Four more bites. Ok, showers and books. Yes we can read one more. Kiss, kiss. I luff you guys too. A few more dishes – I’m glad my earlier self did so many dishes. A tea. Deep breath. Shower. So tired. Vaseline is way over there? Sleep. “Mommy, my blankets are all messed up…can I sleep here?”


© cloud artwork by BSteis

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