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Fighting Through Asian Shadows (My 5 Day Photo Challenge)

by Bridget — January 29, 2015
Somebodys Wedding Day

Somebody’s Wedding Day in Sai Wan


A couple of weeks ago, I was summoned on Facebook to do the do the Black and White 5 Day Photo Challenge. As a person who enjoys a good creative call to arms (have you seen this blog?), I immediately put my thinking cap on and started snapping. All of these photos were shot and edited on an iPhone 6, further proving that it is possible to make art everywhere you go. As I went about my 5 days, with the incentive to take photos of actual people and not just things, I ended up with a theme that I’m very happy with. This series includes 5 black & white photographs and is called…


Females of Asia:  

Fighting Through Asian Shadows

1. Demure Doggy
2. Invisible Woman
2. Edgy Grunge Girl
4. Modern Meditation
5.Yeah Baby, She’s Got It

Demure Doggy

Invisible Woman, Photo Challenge   Edgy Grunge Girl, Photo Challenge

Modern Meditation, Photo Challenge   Yeah Baby, She's Got It , Photo Challenge

All of these images (and more!) can also be viewed on my Instagram account @bsteis


The woman’s team is fierce! #hongkong #women #wdbf

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