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How to Pee in Over Twenty Minutes

by Amber — April 21, 2015

27aea475ccd2dbc408bff80fe8775e6aPost labour bladder calls immediately and urgently for relief… or have I just been too busy to notice the need growing?

I finish changing the little guy’s diaper and  put him down. My heart melts as I watch him run, hips in full twist, towards his sister.

“He’s knocking over my TOWER!!!” slices through the momentary silence and I sigh, hoping the moment passes so I can clean up this last ‘duty’, but then I hear the youngest crying. I’ll pee after I sort this out.

Shuffling through toys to find a bribe for the youngest to leave his sister’s blocks alone, takes longer than I thought, so I multi-task and share a few words of wisdom with the oldest. I barely have time to remember that my next move was to go to the bathroom, “Mommy, can I have a drink of water?” This will only take two seconds.

A glass of water, for one, turns into a second for the other.

Then a snack, for both.

The hunt for a tissue for a runny nose.

Another squabble

A phone call

Some much needed cuddles

The drama of a missing cup, followed by more cuddles

A text I should answer while I have a spare second…

Shoot! I was going to do something! What was it…?



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