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Warm Me Up Tea

by Amber — June 9, 2015

An oldie – This is a song I wrote with a friend of mine, in another life time.

Warm me up tea

Warm me up tea

How hungry I’ve been

When lightening strikes twice
I feel cold inside

If the world would just stop
I could figure it out

Watching through glass
It seems far away

With my cup of tea
I can just be

Lock the door
Open the blinds
Heat up the water
Warm me up tea

And look outside

– Amber

On a Summer side note:


Recently, I went to Cuba to celebrate a belated 40th birthday with one of my best friends, who I have known for over half of my life and really don’t get to see as often as I’d like.

Searching for our favourite all inclusive drink, Dana ended up inventing one for us. Orange drink (I don’t think it was real orange juice), lime margarita mix and Vodka. We named this the Hot Bull, after the amazing, water squirting sunburn poor Dana endured for most of the trip.

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