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Up to My Eyeballs in Designland

by Bridget — February 6, 2013
Frog Design 4, designland, design, bible, ballet, bsteis

This is my design bible. It’s full of coloured renderings & fabric swatches. It appears to have a personality of it’s own. Sometimes I wonder if it’s breathing…

I’ve been busy. Really busy. Designing, re-designing, further re-designing, adjusting and modifying costumes for the Hong Kong Ballet’s premier of The Frog Prince: A Ballet Chinois. When I have time for gratitude, of course I’m very happy. But up until Christmas I hardly had time for personal hygiene let alone anything else, including my own thoughts. Nevertheless, it’s great to have opportunities to do what I do best – create!

Thank you life for offering up moments of sanity, and amazing people, to keep me steady when the tides of insanity try to sweep me off the shore. Nathalie, who I like to call my other spouse, made me a glorious dinner one evening when I was too engrossed in designland to consider wrestling myself up a meal. My husband picked up some of the slack around the house. I don’t think I’ve done the laundry in the past two months.


Three Stages of design on my bulletin board.

In one of my most hectic moments, leading up to the big deadline, I invited my friend Candice over to help me out. When she walked into my place she looked up at my makeshift bulletin board, covered with sketches at various stages of completion and said,

“Later, when you have time, you need to make an art piece just like this. It would look so wonderful!”

Thank you Candice for your abilities that you simply labelled as ‘an outside eye’ or what I’d prefer to credit as ‘marvelously brilliant suggestions‘. Just to be clear, that was one of many.

Thank you my friends (and family) for your outside eye, your listening ears, your warm hugs, your terrific advice and your understanding when I don’t have enough time to chat, or when I’m easily aggravated.

Yes, this is what I’ve been up to.

Frog Design 5, designland, frog prince, bsteis, costume, designer

Inside the bible.

Frog Design 6, old sketches, designer, designland, costumes, ballet

This is the pile of discarded drawings & sketches that I’ve created for this one show.
It’s nearly an inch thick.

If you’re in Hong Kong in April you should book a ticket and come and see the show. It’s going to be spectacular! What’s your favourite ballet? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments section!

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