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Weekend Highlights

by Pomposa — March 1, 2016

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There’s nothing better than reliving the best the weekend has to offer—my weekend highlights! Otherwise known as, a weekend in the life of Pomposa.

After a long and tiring week, I finally get to enjoy my weekend! This week was quite unique—I rarely have a week like this. Usually after my class is over I get to lay in bed and watch movies. There are times when I even sing and dance around in my room. I pretty much do anything that pleases me in the evening, in contrast to being a prim and proper teacher during the days. I let myself go CRAZY in my room. This week I had to run around from one place to another after work. I had a one-on-one meeting with a friend, I had private lessons, and I ran some errands, to name a few. I barely had free time so I am really looking forward to this particular weekend to finally relax!

To begin my weekend highlights… on Saturday I start by having breakfast with our Ibu and BaPaks at school. Ibu means mom, and BaPak, or Pak, means dad in Bahasa Indonesia but they are not literally our moms and dads. It’s an Indonesian way of showing respect for someone who is older than you. At school they are the people that help us with the chores. So on this particular Saturday, Ibu Is invited me to eat breakfast with them. She had prepared food to celebrate her youngest daughter’s birthday. I gladly accept the invitation since I’ve been willing to spend time with them but because my Bahasa Indonesia is not really that good yet, I’m a bit hesitant and shy to do so. This time, I throw caution to the wind and join them in the celebration. They are very kind for letting me understand their conversation by translating it in the most simple way. They fill my tummy, as well as my heart, by surrounding me with good food and loving and understanding people.

IMG_1445After a scrumptious breakfast, I head back home to prepare for my next event scheduled in my agenda for the day. While preparing, I have a moment to let my craziness out in my room since I haven’t had the chance to do so earlier in the week. I sing and dance my heart out—it’s delightful! It’s freeing and empowering! Hahaha! I know you understand how good it is to let loose!

Our church holds training for its teacher volunteers once in awhile and we were scheduled to have one this Saturday. I arrive early so get the chance to relax and read my book at the coffee shop. I like spending time alone. I use this time to IMG_1450reflect on how life is treating me. Having “me time” is really important. These kinds of moments enable me to unwind and
reconnect with myself after a long week.

Once that is finished I zoom off to spend time with my friends. This Saturday was packed full of stuff to do but it’s is more of a fun kind of schedule not the “this-is-making-me-crazily-tired” kind of schedule. I spend the day at my friend’s apartment playing board games. It is my first time playing the game called Saboteur: a tricky kind of game which is the reason why I like it. Other than that we also play Taboo and the Concept game. We Churchplay right up until midnight! Saturday ends with a blast!
I have to start my Sunday early despite the cold and rainy weather. I wake up late so now I’m rushing around trying to get ready. It’s raining cats and dogs which would make for a
perfect day to cuddle with my pillow and snuggle under the
blanket but instead, I get up to attend the 9:15am service at church. Afterwards, I rush down to the nearby coffee shop to eat breakfast in order to reach the Kids Church by 11:15am. Basically I started my day rushing from one place to another. It’s not really ideal but some times you can’t help it! I remind myself not to make being late a habit.

After church, I have lunch with a friend and then we continue on to meet up with our other friends for coffee. I had a good time relaxing and bonding and now I’m ready to start yet another busy week. It’s funny how my friends and I never run out of stories to share even though we see each other several times a week. I love how our conversations flow from one topic to another. I guess that’s how friendships grow and bloom. Spending time with friends makes me realize how god has blessed me with the love and care of good friendships.

After my full, yet fun, Sunday schedule I make my way home, take a shower, and slip into my comfiest pjs. I open my laptop and start typing my Weekend Highlights. Isn’t it nice to have days off to help us unwind after a full week? Indulging my own needs by taking time for myself, dancing around in my room like a crazy person, and spending time with my friends, fills my cup and helps me cope with the week ahead. I hope you let loose and enjoyed your weekend as much as I did.

What were your weekend highlights?

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