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Yoga Goddess From My Window

by Amber — October 3, 2016

yoga goddess, park, Honolulu, Hawaii, Ala Moana, Yoga in the Park

Short prose derived from yoga in the park and a view from above. Exploring yoga, focus, sexuality, and finding your inner yoga goddess.

Focus shifted from the grass and the insecurity of my less than perfect downward dog, with urbanites in tinted windows speckling my line of vision watching on. I am new today. Reborn. My day has been reframed, the attention narrowed down to one spot.

My feet freed from my patent leather shoes and knee high stockings, probably still radiated their thanks, but it is overshadowed. The tight fit, of my sports bra and yoga tank, usually fighting with my body for the limelight are also quiet.

My muscles screaming and my mind begging for the next move to be corpse pose haven’t made an appearance yet. I am in tree pose and I am barely struggling for balance, if I’m wobbly, I don’t notice.

I am beautiful, I feel it in my bones, there is a new light radiating within me. All of the energy I feel, every single move I make, every thought I have and every little smile that creeps across my face comes from my goddess. She is pleased, she is excited, she is validated.

My tummy is giddy with excitement. Looking forward to closer inspection. This experience is new, enlightening, freeing and super sexy, I had no idea the power it would bring to me.

My underwear left in the bottom of my gym bag, barely able to pull my yoga pants over the freshly plucked surface of my vulva. I feel lighter, I feel brave, I feel powerful.

This is my secret. This is my moment. This is mine alone. I have taken it for granted, hidden behind its curly curtain, shadowed by the pieces of me that surround it. Curiosity was the birth of this decision, but now that it’s done, I will embrace everything that it has to offer. This moment will be explored in the full light of my bathroom, romanced with wine and chocolate, with the expectation of a pleasurable celebration of a long over due reunion.

Background of the Yoga Goddess:

We were gifted a beautiful condo downtown Honolulu for the first few months of our Hawaiian adventure. It overlooked Ala Moana Beach/Park. This was a hub of activity. The beach attracted surfers, sunbathers, joggers, stand up paddle boarders and photographers. The park had tennis courts and hosted activities such as lawn bowling, ultimate frisbee and football practice. You name it and it probably happened at this beach/park. From Boy Scout Jamborees to caber tossing. During this time I was reminded of a game my friend used to play with her family, where they’d pick a random stranger on the street and try to guess their life story. 19 stories down there were thousands of stories taking shape, leaving me to wonder what they might be.

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