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With These Wings (or; The Girl Next Door)

by Amber — April 18, 2018

wings, earrings, memories, loss

These earrings, in the shape of wings, help to keep the memories fresh because sometimes you just can’t say goodbye.

I smile, as I slip the smooth metal through the aged holes gifted to my earlobes long before memory. Dangling silver catches light, reflecting warmth back to me and immediately my heart is full.

The earrings, shaped like the wings of a cicada, lighten my mood reminding me of an unexpected love. A love far from romantic.

To already be remembering her, to feel the emptiness of where she was and not quite sure how the beauty in this change will shine, it’s not something I’m ready to face, today. It will come, with time, perhaps when spring comes, and I venture outside once again to see what is different since the snow first fell.

Until then, I have my earrings, shaped like the wings of a cicada, giving flight to my heart, connecting me to our happy past and reminding me of promises made. A token of the bond that grew in the depths of an artic climate, binding two families into a small village.

And here I struggle to find the end. To find the right words to finish this piece. To sum up an important friend. Staring long and hard at my computer, focus melts to realization. We were good together. The kind of good that does not end, but, instead, gives birth to something new.

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