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Life Advice Photo Adventures (or; Yellowknife Through My Lens)

by Myranda — June 6, 2017

life, lens, Yellowknife, An inspired look at life through the lens of a camera. Inspiration and philosophy on how life and photography share the same principles.

Nearly two years ago my parents gave me a very nice waterproof camera for Christmas, one that I could take with me when I travelled, even into the liquid depths of the ocean & seas. Lately, I’ve been challenging myself to take it out here at home too. To not limit my efforts to capturing the beauty of the foreign while abroad, but also remembering to capture the beauty of the surroundings in my regular life. I’ve taken to calling them photo adventures, where the points is to look at the world around me with a more appreciative eye, and to share the pretty things I snap with my lens. On a recent photo adventure I even began philosophizing about how the advice I was giving myself for my shots could also apply to life. Without further ado, here are some thoughts on life through the lens.

resilient, birch, Yellowknife, lens, photography


Beautiful things can grow from harsh places.

I have been very blessed to have wonderful parents, supportive friends, and a host of other things that have brought love and light to my life. However, I know that not everyone is so fortunate as I have been. Beautiful things can grow for those people whose surroundings are rife with struggle. Like this birch tree (above), the unfortunate place it has taken root does not mean it is ever denied light. It overcomes its unsteady beginning, growing strong and glorious despite its–literally–rocky environment.

Let it go, burdens, nature, hikes

Sometimes, you have to leave things behind to get where you need to go.

When you’re overdressed in a jacket that’s too hot, sometimes you need to drop your purse and take it off. Other days, there is other baggage–not all of it burdens however–that you can’t take with you. Carry what you need to, carry what you can, but know you can’t carry it all.

perspective, fall, stumble, setbacks, hike, wilderness

A stumble can be an opportunity to look at something from a different angle (or lens, cough, cough).

I’ll be perfectly honest here… about ten seconds before I snapped this shot, I caught my foot on a loose rock and went down on my behind. Where I looked up from my seated position to this view. Low to the ground, it’s a different perspective I would never have had if I hadn’t fallen on my ass. Setbacks can still bring something worthwhile if we are willing to look for it.

Bird, lake, goals, go beyond

Be willing to push yourself a little further in pursuit of your goals. 

Here I hoped to capture a bird in flight but while my second lens is lovely, it isn’t telescopic. In order to get a good enough shot of the birds flying on the opposite shore, it means I have to take myself further down steep rock, forge a new path, and go further than I’d planned. Sometimes what we want to reach takes a little more from us then we intend.

Love is everywhere when you open your eyes to it. 

Signs of love are everywhere in the universe. I hope you’ll always be able to see them when you need them most.

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