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Stolen Moments

by Amber — July 3, 2017

The realization that inspiration can be found in the smallest pieces of your day.


A brief glimpse of morning as my name, called from another room, rips me from my dreams. Foggy I carry my oldest back to our bed, not bothering to look at the clock and willingly fall into the rabbit hole once more.

When I awaken again artificial dark fills our room and I tip toe out, stealing a few moments to myself before waking my offspring.

Groggy still and yet to realize this feeling is directly related to the dairy I over indulged in the day before I hurry my children to eat, brush teeth and dress for the coveted Thursday playdate. Once, four boys and two baby girls Thursday morning has grown by three school age girls. Babies in arms, four moms relax into grown up talk as their children mingle on the playground. We have poured orange juice on cereal this morning, allowed children to come to the playground in PJs, forgotten cellphones at home and have not yet packed for a trip that requires a plane to be boarded in less than six hours. It is our break, our chance to vent, our holy ground, everything else can wait.

Children as reluctant to leave as the Moms are make their way home for lunch. We are rushed to fit it all in and skip story time, just this once, so Mommy will have time to squeeze in an hour and half of work, interruption free. The children sleep today and I feel the quiet.

She startles to the air touching her sweat damp back as I pull off the duvet cover, her eyes squinch tighter, body curls smaller, not ready to wake. I carry her upstairs. He, softer, warms to my touch, already on top of his blankets, reaches out and snuggles in while I carry him to his sister. His ear in just the right spot to whisper secrets as we walk. Usually he will stay awake, but today I tickle both children, hoping I will annoy them into a state of consciousness and when that fails I use their cold snacks against their bare skin.

Finally inspiration strikes, pulling the descriptive parts of my day from the fog and turning them into this. I hold on to the words knowing that I still have to convince my children from their dreams and toward their snacks before I can steal a moment to write.


Photo Credit: Get Healthy U

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