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We’re Curious… Which Things Bring You Joy?

by Sara — November 7, 2017

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Things are not supposed to bring us happiness, however, don’t you think ‘intentionally acquired things’ can bring us more enjoyment?


The habits and activities of every day make up our lives. Big events make great memories but when you look closely, the entirety of our lives, in actual fact, are made up of small moments. Some of those times are hard (hello learning curve, my old friend!), some are boring and some are contented. I’ve been pondering what makes a happy life for some time now, as we all tend to do. Things are not supposed to bring us happiness but I believe intentionally acquired things can bring us more enjoyment. So here are some things that are bringing me joy right now. I hope it encourages you to reflect on what brings you joy too.

A Few of My Favourite Things…

1. Books

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Especially “A Wrinkle in Time
I bought this book years ago when my daughters were still too little to sit and concentrate on chapter books. But I’ve had it in my arsenal of acquired feminist literature for kids, just waiting for the day we could read it together. Truth be told, we started it twice. And when we didn’t get past the first chapter, I thought maybe it wasn’t a book for us. Then we saw the trailer for the upcoming movie–it looks amazing! And since I am a firm believer that a book is always better than the movie, I was determined we would finish this book. When there was a lull in the evenings before bed, we didn’t opt for “Olivia or “Don’t Call Me Grandma,” we’d read “A Wrinkle in Time”. What a wonderful way to settle in with my girls–an adventure story with a little girl, a marvelous math-loving heroine. We can’t wait to see the movie!


2. Podcasts

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I have another confession… I can’t get through a conversation without mentioning something I heard on a podcast. It’s both an obsession and an amazing time-filler. Specifically I’ve been loving Happier with Gretchen Rubin and Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel. “Happier” is all about how our habits can lead to happier lives. And while I may not have drastically changed my habits (yet… haha), it is comforting to know how many people also struggle with this being human thing. Similarly, Esther Perel brings us into one-time marriage counseling sessions as if you’re a fly on the wall in her office. Often marriage is private & kept behind closed doors so it’s can be quite comforting to hear other people’s human struggles within the context of marriage.

I am convinced podcasts have saved me. Saved me from dreaded traffic jams, boredom, loneliness, and confusion. Thank you, Podcasts of the world!


3. Movies

In particular, “Baby Driver“.
I love being surprised by a movie with a great soundtrack. And if you’re thinking it’s about driving so no thanks, I recommend that you give it a try anyway. Firstly, the soundtrack and all those good feels are mental health boosters. Secondly, it’s actually a movie about choreography. The first driving sequence pulls you right in and the very next scenes are about the main character walking. Just walking to get coffee. Plus it’s fun to watch the crazy crash-em-up car chase.


4. Hot Drinks


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My favourite being a meditative macchiato. Pause. Sip. Repeat.
I am trying to drink meditatively by mindfully focusing on how I feel while the drink is in front of me, bringing my thoughts back to the present moment instead of drifting off, and taking notice of how each sip tastes. It’s harder than it seems but it’s very interesting to make note of where my brain wants to go.


These things are my current favorites. What brings enjoyment to your every day?


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