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Planner & Bujo Vibes: Goals, Accountability, & Creativity

by Bridget — February 11, 2021
Legend planner close up with Hong Kong in the background

My team of BFFs each ordered an undated Legend Planner for 2021. Then we promptly got to work decorating & organizing to our hearts content.

Many years ago I received a gift in the mail from my Toronto BFF. My first Passion Planner–it even arrived on International Women’s Day!

Heidi had fallen in love with the PP and wanted to gift me one for my entrepreneurial planning. It’s one of those gifts you didn’t know you needed. I’ve bought a physical planner every year since.

However, this year I decided to try a new planner. Mostly because shipping a Passion Planner to Hong Kong is so ridiculously expensive, it doubles the cost of the planner. I reached out to my PP buddies and we researched different styles, and after careful thought & deliberation, landed on the Legend Planner.

Unlike our old planners, this one is undated so you have to sit down and fill it all out. Of course we came up with the genius solution to have weekly planner meetings on Skype! Where we chat and work on designing our planners together. We also have a Pinterest board where we share ideas we find online. Mostly from bujos (aka. bullet journals) but also from other styles of planners.

3 views of 3 different desks at our first planner meeting video chat

After our first meeting I decided I wanted stamps for doing the numbering instead of having to stare at my boring penmanship. I looked around in Hong Kong but ended up learning about the existence of clear stamps and then ordering some terrific ones online. We’re also fans of washi tape and are hopelessly obsessed with stickers. I may have bought myself some more stickers just this week. Oopsies!

January, the perfect month for reflection and great changes, including a Covid-19 vaccine roll out across the globe, and even changes in the US presidency. I’m using this time to hone in on my goals for the year. Honestly, most of them have been carried over from last year because of the nightmare that was 2020.

So now in 2021 I’m enjoying this new habit we started, of chatting once a week and using that time to catch up and work on planning our next week. Sharing our goals, helping keep each other accountable, being creative, and blowing off steam. Fingers crossed it continues to build on my productivity and future contentment. What a great way to start off the year! Here’s to more creative fun in the year of the ox! Have a Happy Lunar New Year, friends…

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