How to Have Women’s Day Every Day of the Week

by Bridget — March 10, 2018

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Why only have one day for women when you can celebrate year round? Follow these 7 simple steps to have your own Women’s Day every day of the week.

This is my quick story about how I failed at something this week, but didn’t fail other things. I was going to work on this piece on Wednesday so it would be ready to come out on International Women’s Day but right after I finished eating breakfast I started having severe stomach pains, the kind that keeps you writhing in pain on the sofa for hours. I Netflixed (yep, I just turned Netflix into a verb) my way through the pain but it took all afternoon. I was absolutely useless and didn’t get anything on my list finished that day. My other days were busy for all sorts of reasons–some of them fun even! Life got in the way of me finishing something perfectly and that’s annoying as hell.

However, on the bright side, it inspired me to make this list of 7 things to make every day Women’s Day:


1. Do something for yourself.

Make sure you make time for something that’s only for you. Maybe it’s reading a book, meditating, going to the spa, etc. As long as it’s something that you’ll benefit from–and I don’t mean cleaning the washroom.


2. Remember life is tough, but you’re tougher.

Shit happens, and it happens again and again but it’s amazing how resilient we can be. How many women do you know who’ve miscarried and then continued on with their week? I bet the number is larger than you even realise. But you can do it, you can make it through anything. If you’re having a hard time going it alone, lean on your group of female friends, they’re the best support network out there.


3. Love Yourself.

I’ve talked about the importance of this before, see the Love Yourself Project. You have to love yourself and take care of yourself before you can be there for anyone else. Be kind & gentle to yourself and…


4. Forgive your less than perfect moments.

Just like me missing my creative post deadline this week. There are many things that don’t get completed as perfectly as I would like. When I think about it, this happens often because we can’t be perfect at everything, it’s a waste of time and energy. Instead, pick and choose what to do perfectly and what to let go. Leave more time for the important stuff. And remember to forgive yourself when you mess something up.


5. Buy a sex toy and pleasure yourself.

This is more than the mental type of loving yourself but equally as important. You need to learn how your body works, what turns you on, and how to please yourself. It’s your own personal experimentation you can do without judgement and it will aid you with conversations with your partner and help with your satisfaction in the bedroom. This year on International Women’s Day, I attended a special live recording of an excellent podcast, featuring a friend of mine,  called Better in Bed, take a listen. It’s chalked-full of information presented in a casually, flirty & fun way.


6. Take a self portrait.

So many women–especially moms–seem to be too busy to be photographed. They often end up behind the camera taking photos of their little ones leaving them out of view. Please remember to turn that lens around and take a selfie once in a while or have someone else take a decent picture of you. You are just as worthy as being recorded on film–or in pixels–as any of your friends or family members are. Keep pictures of yourself for historical purposes and please consider making your profile picture of just you, without the kids for once.


7. Do exercise that you love.

This sage advice comes straight from one of my favourite fitness queens, Elle Kealy. We need to keep our bodies moving–especially as we age–but if you’re not doing something you love doing you won’t keep at it. A major part of your overall health is influenced by a regular active lifestyle. Not only will it help boost your energy levels but it eases your mind, and improves your immune system too.


Follow these steps and enjoy Women’s Day all year! Thanks for stopping by!


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