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It’s Hard to Say Good-bye

by Klarissa — August 28, 2013

I had to say good-bye to my faithful companion, George a few weeks ago. It was as hard to say good-bye to him as it was my cat Toby, 7 years earlier. For those of you who have chosen to embrace a household pet as your best friend, or as your child, you will understand the pain of having to say goodbye to these very important members of your own family.

You were my loves. You are my loves still.

cat, dog
Toby – the cat chosen by and for my sister, but who chose me instead. We were kindred spirits, always knowing what we needed and how to give it. You were a wise cat. You always knew the good from the bad. You tried to show me in your way, but I didn’t always listen. I had to say “Yes, you told me so” every time. You were my confident, always listening without judgement. Your love was ever flowing, right to the end, even through your pain and sadness.

 A few things that I will always remember about you are:

       What a perfect snuggler you were

       You were wary of strangers and had a keen sense of people who were kind and who were not and you made sure to tell me by separating me from anyone you felt unworthy

       You would hold conversations with me when I spoke with you. You would meow at just the right time, I’m sure you understood English, though I never understood cat

       You would greet me at the door

       Your strength, I’m sure you were lifting weights when I wasn’t looking

       Your respect, I remember introducing you to one of my many hamsters. The temptation to hurt it and eat it was there, but you respected my commanding “No!” and never tried again

       Your ability to adapt to the many places you lived, as long as I was there with you

       Your devotion, it was apparent to everyone that you were living your last few years for me, finally giving up when Dominik was born and I didn’t have the time you needed from me.

George – another who chose me. I was looking at another, but you were quick to gain my attention and my affection. You were a gentle soul. A dog who would never hurt anyone or anything, unless they tried to eat your food of course. You were always generous with your love and with your sympathy. You were my companion, ready for every adventure. You were ready to go long before I was ready to let you go, but you waited patiently till I could see.

A few things that I will always remember about you are:

       How you always greeted people so enthusiastically. You would bash into glass walls to greet people in bus stops and I wonder if any York U. alumni remember the cute little shih tzu puppy who came to school and brightened every ones day from 2000-2001

       You would lie with me after the car accident when I’d often end up on the floor in pain. It made it more bearable having you there, keeping me company

       We had many adventures – from travelling through Eastern Canada and the Northern States (you were so cute the hotel owners would dog sit for me while I got dinner) to hiking through bush and scaling cliffs

       You were generous enough to try to feed a dead mouse. It’s funny though, because you never shared your food with the living

       You helped teach Dominik how to walk, taking it slow so he wouldn’t fall

       You never lashed out at any child no matter what they did to you. You would just wait patiently for me to save you from them

       The last few years weren’t easy. You were sick for so long, but I could see the puppy within right until the end.

I love and I grieve you both still and I am ever grateful to have had you in my life. You will always remain with me.

 Rest in Peace.

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