#IWD: Fashion Tips for the Disabled Woman on the Go

by Meghan — March 8, 2020
Fashionable disabled woman in wheelchair

Dazzle crowds on International Women’s Day – and future events, with 5 inspired tips for the fashion forward disabled woman.

Every woman wants to feel stylish, trendy, and beautiful… regardless of ability or disability. I thought I would do my five quick & easy tips that make me, as a disabled woman, feel stylish trendy and or beautiful. Please keep in mind that these work for me and my specific disability but could be adapted to your own if need be.
lipstick sketch

Tip 1 – Hair

As a disabled woman with cerebral palsy, I often feel that I don’t have very much control over my physical being so I exert control in other areas. For instance, I’m constantly changing my hair color and hair style. I used to have a hair style that required styling. Which isn’t good when you can’t do your own styling so I got a shag cut that takes minimal work.

As for dye, I try to stick l within one color spectrum at a time. I’m currently into reds! You can color your hair affordably using boxed dye kits. Or, like I do every three to six months, you can treat yourself to the salon depending on your budget and color needs.

There are pros and cons to each option. Boxed are cheaper but my sister, who is a licensed cosmetologist, would tell you they are harder on your hair. And for me personally, I have to get into the shower to wash the dye off. It’s much more work-intensive for the person helping me then going to the salon.

The pros for the salon are simple. An experienced professional knows when and how to color your hair, in a way that limits damage too. The color often lasts longer.

The cons, it’s costly for someone on a fixed budget which is why I tend to try to make mine last longer by using shampoo and conditioner for dyed red hair and color revitalizing hair masks.

Another con, salon chairs that don’t move away from the washing bowls can be difficult for those who cannot transfer ourselves.

Tip 2 – Makeup

I love make up! It’s one of the things I use to make me feel put together. Though a full face takes me at least an hour and a half. Even after learning tricks like bracing my arm, and using wrist weights to counter the shaking that sometimes happens when you have CP.

Occupational therapy and practice have made me decent at doing my makeup, however I’m definitely no Tess Daly. If I’m in a rush I put on mascara and the only truly long-lasting lipstick I’ve ever been able to find…

Rimmel London’s Provocolips Liquid Lipstick

A decent $7.00 USD product with a fair amount of shade selections. Available at Target, Walmart, and most drugstores. It’s good deal for those of us needing to save cash. Once you apply the lip color and finishing gloss this stuff will not smudge, or fade! It really stays in place!

Pro tip: Use oil-based makeup remover to take off the product. Otherwise you’ll have to scrub your lips quite harshly to remove it.

The only con I can find is the product doesn’t claim to be cruelty free. It might be but isn’t advertised. [Editor’s note: visit the website for Rimmel’s statement on animal testing.]

Sunglasses, a clutch, makeup and cotton scattered around

Tip 3 – Footwear

I follow a lot of social media influencers who also happen to be wheelchair users. I’ve noticed each disabled woman is able to wear shoes. I however cannot because I have less than stellar blood circulation in my legs and feet. The circulation issues, as well as my inability to move my feet, can cause pressure sores on my feet. Therefore you won’t often see me in shoes. Aside from fuzzy Ugg-like boots,  I usually stick to socks. For my sisters wedding and other dressy occasions, I wear these sassy lace ankle socks.

Tip 4 – Jeans

As a wheelchair user something as simple as jeans can be uncomfortable for me to wear. The whole constant sitting thing, and bloating because of the fact that not walking can hinder some pretty basic bodily functions.

I fixed this issue by wearing maternity jeans. They fit tightly where they’re supposed to but are stretchy enough I feel comfortable all day. I usually check second hand shops because getting maternity wear online is expensive. I bought a pair off of Amazon inexpensively but I’ve yet to wear them. I’ll get back you with how they fit.

Tip 5 – Accessories

Accessorize! As I said my shaggy hairstyle takes minimal effort so when I want to look extra cute, I put on a hat and my favorite Uncommon James earrings, and hit the door. It takes five seconds, with minimal help, and I always leave feeling cute.

Uncommon James jewelry is a splurge for me budget-wise but not overly costly. All of Kristin Cavallari’s jewelry line is of high quality with a minimalist classic look that I enjoy.

The most I’ve ever spent on a hat might be twenty dollars.

hat sketch of this disabled woman's favourite accessory
These are just a few things that I use to make me feel a little more confident. What do you find helps you?

Featured image: Photo by Маша Реймерс, image painted by bsteis
Makeup & Accessories image: Photo by Lucie Liz

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