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DIY Mask Holder, Covid Humour & New Video

by Bridget — April 16, 2020
Mask holder milkshake couple. Two people wearing masks drink milkshake through straws.

Keep your mask safe in a mask holder, free template and instructions to DIY included, then laugh a little with us to blow off some coronavirus stress.

As the Pandemic marches on, I keep doing things to try to keep myself sane! For example, my hubby and I just made our 4th video on the weekend, it’s taken me a while to post this however – it’s been a rough week.

Covid Humour

This comic made me laugh this week so check out these comics from Alison Wong. Do follow the links in the article to her Facebook or Instagram account too! Those staticky bags at the grocery store are a new pet peeve I’ve been having of late. A clever friend of mine suggests using hand sanitizer next time! Brilliant!!!!

Tensions are high at the produce section as no one dares to lick their fingers

Co-vid Episode 4

Here’s Episode 4 of my co-vids with my husband. We keep saying we want to make them shorter but in reality they keep getting longer. Hahaha oh well! Check out our goofy antics below…

And lastly, the all important document for the…

DIY Mask Holder

This handy template prints to scale on A4 paper (and also fits on 8.5×11). You’ll want to double check that the holder is slightly wider than your mask before you cut! Designed for surgical mask storage by Ken Chan, drafted by yours truly. See video for usage demo starting at 7:43.


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