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Emerging Wisely: Phase One

by Amber — May 21, 2020
woman in mask trapped behind transparent plastic.

In Yellowknife the community is taking extra precautions to avert Covid-19. Here you will find resources for emerging wisely in the Northwest Territories.

Emerging Wisely into our first phase. Under dark skies and yes, snow. Tempting us inside, doors closed, residents peering outside wondering when we can take steps to meet the world on less dramatic terms.

Longing for the sun to shine, so I can venture out, on safer ground, to see the people I love, six feet apart, in the fresh air. This is where I’ll feel confident in choices made. With nature surrounding me and the wind to blow away the risk. Six feet apart with a glass of wine in hand, while the children play and the adults laughter peppers the conversation of our new world.

Resources for NWTers:

Relaxing – Phase One materials here

Emerging wisely plan in Canada's North West Territories

Notes of Interest:

If the glitter videos we were seeing at the beginning of this pandemic didn’t stick with you. Watch this one. CNN’s black light experiment

CNN also shows us how far a sneeze can travel here

Free mask pattern here

Passing the Time:

My favourite Podcasts – TED Radio Hour: NPR

Workout spot (I’ve only been once… but its a good one)

For those venturing out and following Phase One emerging wisely guidelines:

5 points of the bubble agreement

Remember emerging wisely is the key to preventing further outbreaks. What plans does your city have, and do you agree with them?

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