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The Art of Coronavirus Tea (or; A Little Productivity)

by Bridget — May 30, 2020
Coronavirus Tea Teapot, viewed from above, a blue & white china teapot with pink dots of Covid-19

Making covid art while stuck at home, Bridget’s coronavirus tea art is shortlisted for the 2020 Hong Kong Human Rights Prize.

When Covid-19 first threatened the borders of Hong Kong we hid at home and wore masks when we had to go out. At first I was paralyzed by the insanity of the whole situation as it spread from nation, to nation. However, after a few weeks of numbness, I felt a burst of creativity – so I surrendered to the art gods and let my covid art fly. The Art of Coronavirus Tea is one of those creations.

In March, I entered my coronavirus tea art for the 2020 Hong Kong Human Rights Prize and it was shortlisted. Judged by a panel, the shortlisted works are currently on display at the Goethe-Institut in the Hong Kong Arts Centre and appear online in a silent auction until June 6th. Hosted by the Justice Centre Hong Kong you can find the online exhibit walkthrough and silent auction at the Hong Kong Human Rights Prize link. You will also find the artist statement in the online walkthrough or onsite.

After the past week’s events here in HK there’s a good chance this is the last time we’ll be able to show political art in Hong Kong. How very sad indeed.

The Art of Drinking Coronavirus Tea

by Bridget Steis

Coronavirus Tea Set Art, 1 teapot in the middle of 4 chinese tea cups with pink dots of covid-19

All photography by the amazing Cherry Wong!

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This post Covid in Hong Kong is some of my other coronavirus related artwork.

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