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Travel-Inspired Summer Staycation Ideas

by fleurdelilah — June 5, 2020
Aerial view of ocean and beach

It’s summertime—which means vacation! But since travel is on hold, what can you do? Here are 8 travel-inspired staycation ideas!

Like many of you, I feel in need of a vacation—especially now that summer is upon us. But, I think the world has made it pretty clear that now is not the time to travel to far-off places. With all the coronavirus travel bans, we’re pretty much stuck. And even if we could travel (some countries are trying to open borders in time for summer vaca), would you really want to risk it? Here are 8 travel-inspired summer staycation ideas that’ll quench that wanderlust while keeping you safe!

8 Summer Staycation Ideas To Have Fun At Home

Bring The Outdoors In

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. To do that at home, spruce up the garden in your backyard, or start one on the balcony if you’re in an apartment. Don’t even have a balcony? Place some herbs by the window, or welcome a new plant to your home!

Cook Something New (Or Order In!)

Staycation ideas image of home made pasta

Photo credit: Jonathan Pielmayer

One of the best things about traveling is trying all types of new food! So, take out that Thai recipe you’ve been wanting to try and get to it! Or, if you’re the type that is not to be trusted in the kitchen, get some takeout from a nearby restaurant.

Read or Watch Travel Content

While we may not be able to physically get on a plane and go somewhere, we can certainly enjoy the view. Bing on your favorite travel TV shows, or read a travel blog to start planning your next trip (check out my blog for Japan content ; P).

Study A Language

If you’re planning to travel somewhere after the coronavirus pandemic blows over, why not get a head start and learn a few phrases in the local language? Not only will you have fun learning a new language, but you’re guaranteed to enjoy your upcoming trip even more!

Try A New Activity

Staycation ideas: image of colourful origami elephants

Photo credit: Katrin Hauf

Immerse yourself in the culture of another place by doing some fun activities! You can try to make origami, learn how to brew an authentic cappuccino, take up dancing the tango—the possibilities are endless!

Get In On The Action With A Virtual Experience

Want to try something new, but not sure what exactly? Then let the pros guide you with a virtual experience. More and more travel businesses are offering online, interactive experiences via Zoom so you can try something new from the comfort of your own home!

Have a Home Spa Day

Vacation is all about relaxing and destressing. So why not unwind with a home spa day. Bonus points for playing some meditative nature sounds and using natural products like honey masks and hot spring bath salts.

Take A Tour Or Watch A Stream

I picture of the front of the Louvre

Photo credit: Alex Holyoake

Lover of the arts? Enjoy a virtual tour of world-class museums like the Louvre! More of an animal person? Check out the live streams offered by places like animal reserves and sanctuaries.

Are you planning to do a staycation this year? What are some things you want to try?

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