Reducing Stress the Natural Way

by Klarissa — May 14, 2021

What is the cheapest & most efficient remedy for reducing stress? Discover the best way to release your anxiety and your emotional baggage…

Tired  and stressed mom in front of a laptop with 2 kids running around in the background

We are constantly inundated with emotional stress, especially these days during the pandemic. I am definitely dealing with a lot more stress with the new Covid-19 variant taking control in Ontario. Not only am I trying to stay safe, but I am also stressing out about whether my tiny home will be built in time for the big move at the end of June. Unfortunately, that emotional stress just stays with us. We have a mountain of it to overcome in our brains without the outlet of actually physically climbing that mountain and finding the satisfaction of reaching the top.

Today, my kids and I went hiking in the woods and my fight or flight was magically calmed. Why do we feel so much better after being out in nature? Is it the breeze on our face, the scents in our nose, the quiet and stillness of the woods, the enjoyment of just being in the moment? I know my stress levels will rise again, but that hill will be there for me to hike again next week. I hope you can also find your way to peace and calm this weekend.

Reduce your anxiety, find a hill and climb!

A collage of paths through the trees, in the forest up a hill, a lake in the woods, and Klarissa reducing stress with her 2 sons

First photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels, Collage by Klarissa

What are your favourite ways of reducing stress?

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