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  • Tired mom in front of a laptop with 2 kids running around in the background

    Reducing Stress the Natural Way

    What is the cheapest & most efficient remedy for reducing stress? Discover the best way to release your anxiety and your emotional baggage… We are constantly inundated with emotional stress, especially these days during…

    May 14, 2021
  • ice caves, Yellowknife, natural wonders, ice, nature, snow

    Yellowknife’s Ice Caves: Putting My Stress on Ice

    Sometimes you just need a break and sometimes you’re lucky enough to live close to a natural wonder. See the beauty of Yellowknife’s ice caves in stunning photographs. I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed…

    March 21, 2018
  • kids, asleep, family, tired
    pregnancy & parenting

    Bread for Dinner

    One mother’s hectic day of chasing time, changing schedules, meal plans with bread for dinner instead of potatoes, and longing for a moment to herself. Tired Longing for a minute of solitude. A time…

    January 17, 2017
  • arts & music health relationships & love

    I Carry Your Heart

    October has been a…month. Between my own health issues, the death of a friend from school, and the impending deployment of my boyfriend (tomorrow morning), I have been a mess. I loved Bridget’s Medusa…

    November 4, 2014
  • health sisterhood

    The art of taking a break.

    This will be a brief post, I guess, since my shoulder hurts, my neck is stiff and I’m terribly in need for a good night’s sleep. If there were a poster child for neglecting…

    May 17, 2013