Covid Vax While Grooving To The Music?

by Klarissa — September 1, 2021
DJ and crowd getting covid vax while grooving to the music!
Could this be the next venue for covid vaccinations?

Would you rather get your covid vax while grooving to the music, or in a quiet location? Here’s where my son and I differ on pop-up clinics!

If you had the choice, where would you want to be vaccinated – a quiet location, or a location with nurses from various ethnic backgrounds while listening to music you want to dance to, and ending with delicious ethnic food?

My 15 year old son and I both went to pop-up clinics. I chose the quiet location, but my son, Dominik, got his covid vax at a grooving location. 

The Quiet & Peaceful Pop-up Experience

The quiet location is better for me because, although I had a great time dancing during Dominik’s second covid vaccination, my ridiculously over-sensitive central nervous system went into overdrive with my second shot and I ended up reacting to it. The nurses and paramedics on site are wonderful. The paramedics helped me into a comfortable position, gave me medicine, and even called my family to pick me up. I wasn’t left alone at any time and I was safely escorted to my ride. Definitely having a quiet location to deal with the onslaught my body threw at me was very much appreciated. All of these supports are available at all pop up locations, but quieter was definitely more suitable for me.

Grooving Covid Vax Pop-up Clinic

Dominik thinks the pop-up location, hosted by the Black London Network, is the best. He has a deep fear of needles. But after losing a family member to covid, and having friends who were directly affected by it, his fear of getting covid became much greater than his fear of needles. Having music to groove to, and nurses who were having a great time in the relaxed environment, eased his fear by giving him something to focus on other than the needle. He says he can deal with any needle in such a great environment. 

This location isn’t just fantastic for my son, but also for families with young children who, for various reasons, can’t get a babysitter. The kids happily bounce or dance while waiting for their parents, doing their part to help stop this vicious virus and keep our city open. Most importantly, this location brings people from different ethnicities to a place where they can go to a nurse with whom they feel comfortable with. 

I wonder what other ideal vaccination experiences would be. Perhaps a party theme with cake, a spa, the beach…? The possibilities are endless!

Photo by Redd on Unsplash

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