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52 Weeks of Light – Post Two

by Amber — November 2, 2015

Amber’s experiment with light. Follow her 52 weeks documentation of the quality of light and how it magically transforms from season to season in Yellowknife, Canada. Click the links to see Post OnePost Three, & Post Four.

Week 12, 52 Weeks Project, Canada, Yellowknife, lake

Week 12 – September 6th – 6:00 pm

16 degrees

Paul took this photo for me. The kids and I left for Ontario the day before…. there will be a few week hiatus before another pic is taken… We’re just home from our trip and we’re exhausted with settling in… hope to remember to do this tomorrow!

Week 13

Week 13 – October 6th – 6:00 pm

8 degrees

Sunrise – 7:58am
Sunset – 6:52pm

We’re starting to get back on track. I took this one with my phone, because it was handy at the time. Things are damp and fall like…. We even had a snowfall (that didn’t stick) while we were away!

Week 14

Week 14 – October 11th – 6:06 pm

-2 degrees

Sunrise – 8:12am
Sunset – 6:36pm

Well… it hit below zero and it snowed and stayed! Yes, winter is here… if you were here, I’d suggest taking your eyes to the left of the podium (not actually pictured) to see the ice forming…

Week 15

Week 15 – October 18th – 6:00 pm

-1 degrees

Sunrise – 8:32am
Sunset – 6:14pm

Believe it or not the last few days have been warm… +3 for a high… even the ice that had formed on the lake, melted! There is a very thin ice film on the top of the water, so we’re still watching our view change, its just going a bit differently than usual…. It even rained today! Crazy!!

Week 15.5, 52 Weeks, Canada, Yellowknife, ice, icy, lake, icy lake

Week 15.5- October 20th – 6:00 pm

-2 degrees
Sunrise 8:37am – Sunset 6:07pm

It’s Tuesday… so this one is just because it was so pretty.

Week 16

Week 16 – October 27th – 6:16 pm

-3 degrees
Sunrise 8:54am – Sunset 5:49pm

And here it is… the light, quickly escaping… believe it or not, the last picture of the ice forming… well, that ice melted and reformed and now we have snow again.

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