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What I Did Last Year

by Jam — February 1, 2016
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I have this little thing called Time Hop. It pops up on my Facebook account and reminds me of stuff I was doing on this day, last year. Sometimes it brings up joyous pictures of me boarding a plane all gleeful and happy, adventure glinting on the horizon. Other times, incriminating images of an inebriated person I vaguely recognise as myself appears for all my friends, family and future employers to see. But it got me to thinking and OK, I know its February and we’ve all probably broken our New Years resolutions already and you’re half way through your fifth nice bottle of red (even though you had sincere intentions to actually do Dry January) but rather than plan for the year ahead I wanted to take a minute and think about the year just passed. Take a sec to ponder achievements and losses, the highs and the lows and some of the bits in between.

Hey there, what did you get up to in the last 12 months?
Here are a few things I did.

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1. Became an auntie, twice. 2. Made a life in a new country 3. Took advice from a Witch Doctor 4. Ate Stinky Tofu (I wouldn’t recommend it) 5. Spent over 80 hours in the air (I really need to offset my carbon emissions) 6. Read fewer books than I’d hoped 7. Realised how amazing my close friends are 8. Made some new friends too 9. Walked through an ancient forest 10. Started an online business 11. Realised that my husband and I can be happy any where 12. Fell in love with him all over again 13. Felt so far away from home and completely lost 14. Ate curry with my hands 15. Turned 30 (and guess what? The world didn’t implode!) 16. Rode a bullet train 17. Proudly purchased, lovingly over watered and shamefully euthanised a Mexican cactus plant 18. Was reminded that family is so very important and worth fighting for 19. Swam in seven different seas 20. Found time to write again (and discovered I really like writing lists.)

So when you get a chance, before you jump head-on into the New Year, take a minute to think about all the stuff you did last year. Pause to celebrate. Pause to mourn. Pause to reflect. And, don’t beat yourself up about those broken resolutions and long lost gym memberships, because despite doing exactly that, I still got to do a lot of really cool stuff.

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