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by Jam — March 27, 2017

Sometimes, other than embroidery, Jam squeezes in time to contribute to cool projects. Like this short story about her first date featured on, very funky, LikeLike Zine.

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Between sewing for a living, growing a small human in my womb and moving house, sometimes, just sometimes, I have time to contribute to other cool projects. And, today I’d like to take a minute to tell you about one.

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LikeLike Zine is the brain child of talented writer/musician/illustrator/podcast producer duo @peijeane and @vinceypics. International buddies of the world, they first met in Hong Kong and now reside in Luzern, Switzerland and Los Angeles, USA respectfully. Now on its third issue, LikeLike Zine takes on a new theme for each publication. It features short stories from writers around the globe, illustrations, photography, top 5’s and much more. #3 is all about the movies. Here’s a little snippet of what you can expect, in the form of my short story about one of my favourite past times, going to the movies.


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First Date

The door bell goes. I throw myself down the stairs in order to get to the door before my Dad does. I can see the outline of him through the frosted glass door, standing, nervously waiting. But Dad gets to the porch door before me. How awkward. I quickly introduce Dad to him and vise versa, explain we’re off to the movies and won’t be home late. Before I’ve even finished talking I’m out the door, swinging it shut behind me, almost trapping my coat in the hinge.

His car is a BMW. Not the new kind, more retro and rusty. I can tell he thinks it’s cool. We drive to the cinema and make a little chit chat. I wonder want movie he has selected, and if this will give me some great insight into him. Oasis plays on the car CD player.

We take our seats in the cinema. He’s booked tickets to see a horror. Wouldn’t have been my choice for a first date but I don’t complain. Maybe there will be some horror-esque jumpy moment that will allow me to bury my head in his chest? If only I was the kind of girl that would do that?

I can feel the tension between us. Can he feel it too? I concentrate on keeping my eyes fixed on the screen but every now and again I can’t resist the urge to glance in his direction. Is he also looking at me, I wonder? I claim the arm rest which sits between us. A shared divide that makes him feel so far away. I carefully and slowly lay my arm on the rest with my palm facing up – perfect hand holding position. All it needs now is for him to hold it. I feel him shuffle. Is this the moment? He also places his arm on the rest, our forearms gently touching. His palm is also facing up. His thumb grazes mine. But that’s it, I feel like our hands hover there almost touching for an eternity.

The films ends and he drives me home. We pull up outside my neighbour’s house. We talk a little and I thank him for driving me. I wonder if he likes me and if I really like him. Do I? I guess it’s a little early to tell.  There is a moment when I think he might kiss me. He doesn’t. Behind him I can see the hallway light shining out into the dark through the frosted glass front door to my home. Dad’s waited up. I imagine him asleep in his armchair, the TV still on. Probably football or maybe fishing, I think. The thought makes me smile.


If you enjoyed this and would like to get your hands on a copy of LikeLike Zine, check out the Instagram page @likelikezine or


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