The Love Yourself Project (Silence Your Inner Critic)

Watch The Love Yourself Project, a 30 day video experiment to dispel negative inner dialog and flip the switch to positively charged thoughts. It has been nearly a year already, people! A whole year has whizzed past since I spent 30 days shooting The Love Yourself Project from the comforts (and privacy?) of my own washroom. At the dawn of the last year of my thirties, I wanted to do something nice for myself, something long-lasting, meaningful, transformative, and challenging. So of course the logical choice was to do a kind of video journal so you can all watch too! Uhhhhh… what was I thinking? Nonetheless, it worked and I accomplished exactly what I wished. Watch the videos, and consider trying it for yourself! THE LOVE YOURSELF PROJECT:  A Video Experiment to Improve Self Love Goal: To change negative habits and patterns of self-inflicted negativity into positive reinforcement. Become a cheerleader for yourself! Method: Video yourself first thing in the morning, right after you get out of bed–no makeup selfies will have nothing on you now! You should do it when you’re the most vulnerable and dishing out the worst negative self talk (for me it was the morning, it might be another time of the day for you). Through … Continue reading The Love Yourself Project (Silence Your Inner Critic)