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Tea Secrets (or; Sweep Away the Year of the Rooster)

by Bridget — January 26, 2018

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Share your biggest secrets and wipe away the bad omens left over from 2017. Tea Secrets is an anonymous platform to help you unburden yourself from your secrets and deepen your connection with the Empress Tea community.


“Sometimes, the biggest secrets you can only tell a stranger.” 

Michelle Hodkin



It’s teatime and we’re having a secret sharing session! With Chinese New Year around the corner it’s your last chance to sweep away the cobwebs from 2018. Share your biggest secret with us and we’ll help you anonymously share it with the Empress Tea community. Along the same principle as the saying “a problem shared is a problem halved”, we find sharing secrets helps relieve the burden of carrying it alone. We will laugh together, cry together, and aspire to use our collective secrets as another way to deepen our connection through understanding, empathy, and compassion for each other. Join our creative and cathartic community project and share us with your friends.


Send us an A4 or postcard size page with your written or typed secret that you’ve never shared with anyone ever before. You may include images, drawings, collage, etc.–be creative!

Any woman or man can submit as many secrets as they wish using our anonymous link (one secret per page).

Acceptable formats: jpg, pdf, doc (Word, or Pages is ok too)

Use this Anonymous Dropbox Link: (Link no longer available. Thanks for participating!)

First, you will have to click yes to open the link.

Next, use an alias in the Name Form, Upload your file, and you’re done!

Deadline for uploads: February 14th, 2018

To be posted on Chinese New Year!

Disclaimer: No one will ever know who you are, nor will they have any way to find out.


Questions about Tea Secrets? Contact us on our Facebook page or at

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