Yellowknife Tourists at All-Time High

by Amber — October 23, 2018

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A light-hearted humour piece about the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada. What if tourists flocked to the far reaches of Canada for a weed vacation?

Inspired by a piece written by the Beaverton, stating that all the Halloween candy in Canada has disappeared since Ottawa legalized cannabis, I was inspired to write a satirical piece of my own. ~Amber

Yellowknife–Since Ottawa set the date to legalize cannabis in Canada, flights and hotels in Yellowknife have been scarce.

“It’s a popular time of year to come to Yellowknife, the Aurora are blazing.” Says local resident, Jack, who preferred his last name to remain confidential.

Hotel Manager, Sarah Garceau agrees, “as the weather gets colder tourists begin to flock to Yellowknife to see the Northern lights, but this year the numbers are unusually high.” She told us, shrugging her shoulders.

Resident aurora hunters are baffled to see the dozens of tour buses parked beside newly frozen lakes, passengers emerging from their long boxed vehicles, giggling in a puff of smoke.

“I don’t know.” Dave Stephens, local aurora photographer told us. “Maybe they have international laws on these tour buses. Maybe they’re allowed to smoke on buses in their country?”

Despite the below zero temperatures, these tourists stand in the open, in their rented parkas, heads tip upwards waiting. Whether skies are cloudy or the aurora grace the skies the viewers make the most of their vacation and “ooooh” and “aaaaah” between snorts and giggles or stand transfixed in a trance-like awe. This is the ace in their vacation plans.

To accommodate the new influx of tourists, locals have set up concession stands around the popular viewing hot spots. On the menu, chips, pizza and chocolate bars to name a few. Most nights they sell out. McDonalds has also set up a new drive through lane specifically for tour buses.

“I brought Aunt Mary to Yellowknife,” explained Jane Blunt, from Halifax “Because I knew that with her, the aurora was going to be extra special.”

There are 13 random dates that have been booked solid since the announcement in Ottawa. April 20th is one of them.

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