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My New Co-Workers; Working from Home with Kids

by Amber — April 10, 2020
Co-working kid at table with art supplies

She thought things were going well and then the isolation set in. Here’s a little social distancing humour from one mom about her little co-workers… ~

I thought I was doing well. I thought that being trapped in my house, with a six year old and an eight year old, while still in the ‘heat’ of winter would be a breeze. I’m an introvert after all. But today, 15 days in and the isolation is finally getting to me. I eat, sleep, work, from home. Monday, I’ll start some kind of home schooling regime and I’ll do it on my own, not because I don’t have a partner, but because we have a business, that at this point, is still running. To ensure there is as much social distancing as possible happening in our restaurant, my husband is working open to close. And because today, I’m still processing this new world, I am unsure of where to start digging into the heart of what I’m dealing with and how to proceed… honestly, I’m too tired to even pick up the shovel. So, I’m going to ignore it – for a bit anyway – and focus on some social distancing humour. Feel free to play along.


sneaking off for Girl Guide cookies

My co-workers have no idea that every time I go into the garage, I’m eating Girl Guide cookies stashed in the freezer.

Co-Worker Memos. Message: I love you mom and dad gode naite.

My Co-workers write the sweetest memos.

Co-Workers working together

My Co-workers latest work project has them bonding over the search for body parts.

Obstacle course in the hallway

My Co-workers have turned our office into an obstacle course.

Co-workers drinking through straws

My Co-workers know how to take a break.

Co-workers have broken a plate

My Co-workers were written up for leaving shit in the hallway and causing an accident. (Don’t tell Workman’s Comp.)

Co-worker holding swim free embroidery in hoop

My Co-workers are learning new skills.

Co-workers baked. 4 big twisted pretzels on baking sheet. Yum!

My Co-workers are pretty good at what they do.

And if you’re wondering how the one second a day video is going, click below.

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