Europe Magic in Photos (or; Travel Adventure Highlights)

by Myranda — December 21, 2019
Fingers holding an orb with the image of an inverted alter

Myranda shares a few of her favourite photos from her invigorating trip to Europe; 5 weeks, 10 countries, epic adventures.

I recently spent five weeks in Europe, snapping photographs at every turn. With ten countries traveled in that span of time, I took a lot of pictures. Here are some of my favourite camera captures from creative shots, to epic memories, from this set of photos. Oh the magic of Europe!

Altar, through a lens ball, as seen above: This is not the most perfect photo I took, but I do love that I got to play around with my lens ball a bit. I did haul it around and rarely had time or space to think how to use it, but here in a circle of iron, through which the altar could be seen, it fit perfectly.

Jellyfish dancing in blue

Jellyfish: This shot I love, not only because I love to take photos of jellyfish. I adore it because it reminds me of the night sky. A constellation of jellyfish.

Red, orange, and yellow autumn leaves in Europe. Scotland to be exact
A Scottish fall

A Scottish fall: This photo might be my favourite from the whole trip. The light here was amazing, and to have it come out so well? It felt like magic. I haven’t tweaked the colours here at all. The glow of autumn just shines through as it did when I strolled behind Doune Castle.

Part of Myranda's Europe magic in photos: the Eiffel Tower lit up at night in Paris, France.
Eiffel Tower at Night

Eiffel Tower at Night: There is something magical about Paris at night. I feel that my lens was able to capture some of that beauty here. The glow of the tower. The angle of the light beaming from it. The city lights behind, alive and buzzing. Europe magic.

Bird hovers above Myranda's hand for a magical moment in Europe.
A Bird in the Hand

A Bird in the Hand: Speaking of magic and Paris, this might have been my most magical moment. I had seen a woman feeding the birds in the Jardin des Tuilleries, the little brown beauties landing in her hand. I brought my own bread to try on my own, and sure enough, I was able to hold birds in my hand. Though this one does not show me holding the birds, I love how the wings turned out in the photo. It’s wonderous how this bird hovers, poised about my open hand.

Myranda at Arthur's seat at the top of a steep hill, more Europe magic.

Arthur’s Seat: I chose this photo more for what it represents than the picture itself. It was a hard hike up the steep hill of Arthur’s Seat. I am by no means a fit woman, but I pushed myself. I could have stopped partway up, said the view was good enough. But I didn’t. I pushed on. I picked my way up to the peak, over uneven terrain and rugged paths. I did not give up. I climbed. I triumphed.

There are so many more magical moments on this trip, some captured in photos and some just captured in my soul. I came home from Europe feeling refreshed, and as though I feed my creativity. I can’t wait to see what blossoms from this trip, in the months to come. Until then? I have amazing memories and an abundance of photographs.

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