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Sleepless in Hong Kong

by Bridget — August 23, 2012

I had a lovely surprise this week. I received an email from Wendy; avid readers will recognize her as our lovely Empress Tea representative living in Manila. The email was entitled “I’m in HK”! It was a spontaneous trip for her and her husband and I was delighted to meet up with them in person – for dim sum of course! We had a lengthy meal extended by our non-stop conversation and our propensity for ordering too much food. I’m looking forward to future Skype chats and taking time off to go to visit them in the Philippines to swim with the whale sharks. We spent a few hours inspiring each other – of which I’m looking forward to a LOT more of my friends!

As a result, that lunch got me thinking about how lucky I am to live here in Hong Kong. It really is a world city, a hub of commotion with people constantly coming and going from all across the globe. I’ve met so many phenomenally interesting people and I have been given opportunities to do so many mind-blowing things. Is it because I’m just getting older that these doors have opened or would I be doing them anyway?  Is it because I’m talented and I’ve created these opportunities for myself – or is it merely a geographical thing? Can these amazing experiences really be attributed to the city where I’m living? It’s hard to say, but in many respects it’s inconsequential. No matter what, I’ll enjoy the excitement, I’ll capture the fabulous possibilities that come my way and grab whatever ever adventures are offered with both hands!

I’ve made a collage that touches on some of the extraordinary times, experiences and people that I’ve met in Hong Kong. I know I wouldn’t have had the chance to do them unless I actually lived here.  So, without further ado, these are just a few of the delights Hong Kong had in store for me…

· adopted our little husky Jessie, from LAP, a local animal rescue organization
· developed the ability to distinguish multiple, global accents
· lived in a building that is 62 storeys tall
· hiked through jungle and over mountains
· attended a Diamond Jubilee Ball
· designed the set for the 2007 Hong Kong Dance Awards
· hung out with millionaires
· took part in a mock election and celebrated at the American Chamber of Commerce during the live-televised event of the election of President Obama
· was treated to lunch by the (now former) president of York University
· was the production designer for an awesome film promo for which I created my favourite costume design
· not only have I sailed on the South China Seas, but I also sailed on a yacht that was part of a helicopter training rescue mission
· ate hot pot with the project architect for Toronto’s Four Season’s Centre for Performing Arts
· I was 1 of 3 women who did anamorphic street art demonstrations for the 1st anniversary of the Venetian Macau
· partied on the USS Blue Ridge with the US Navy while they were in town
· caught a ride in a Ferrari F430
· made it into the Guinness Book of World Records with my dog, for taking part in the largest dog obedience lesson in the world

Has your city given you experiences you wouldn’t have had anywhere else in the world? Share your tales below and let’s celebrate our own little demi-kingdoms – our lives would be inferior without them, in every sense…

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