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CONTEST; In Celebration of Tea on our Second Anniversary

by Bridget — April 12, 2013

Enter to win! Deadline extended to Apr. 27th! To be kind, we’re extending the deadline again so you have the whole weekend to work on it. New deadline Apr. 29th!

Prize: a featured spot on Empress Tea and a collection of teas from around the globe!


It’s our second blogiversary on Empress Tea! To celebrate, we’ve decided to offer you a chance to share your creativity with us, plus a chance to win a meaningful gift from us all. I’m thrilled there are so many wonderful women collaborating with us and I’m excited to share our fondness for our readers by sending you our carefully selected tea favourites.

Many cultures love their teas, from delicate cups of a jasmine blend, a comforting mug topped with frothy milk or a classic brew with a side of jammy scones you can always find your little sip of heaven just a tea bag away.

Whether you’re partial to a warming Chai on chilly morning, an Earl Grey with the Mad
Hatter, or a Lapsang Souchong over high tea with Granny, what memories does tea evoketeacup stack for you?

With this in mind send us your tea inspired meanderings down memory lane. Whether it be visual or literary, summon your cherished memories & whip up an inspired creation. A winner will be selected from each category & judged by the Empress Tea writers. Judges decision is final.

The winners will be sent a selection of teas from around the world, with each Empress Tea contributor including her own personal favourite. It really will be a global experience! The winning entries will also be featured on the home page.

How to Enter:

WHO: Anyone can enter! (This is a chance for the men to have their say too!)

HOW: First you must subscribe to our newsletter (found in the righthand sidebar on our home page), and like us on Facebook. Next send your tea-themed visual or literary entry to

WHEN: Deadline for entries is 11:30pm HKT (Hong Kong Time) on April 20th, 2013. Extended to April 29th!!!

WHAT: Format – jpg, gif, pdf or plain text welcome.


Winners will be notified by email.

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