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Advice to Self: Do The Opposite

by Sara — August 26, 2015

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Do the opposite of what you feel like doing. This has been my advice to myself. You feel like sleeping longer? Get up. You feel like staying in your pyjamas? Get dressed. You feel like sitting and doing nothing? Go out for a walk. You want to eat chocolate? Ok, do that, that’s okay.

So on this opposite day, I went out for a walk. I even took the dog, which (for those of you who know me), is a total opposite moment. Usually I like to be aware of my surroundings and not have the distraction of music in my ears. But in an attempt to seclude myself from outside attention, I put in my ear buds and set out to this song.

The dog stays relatively close to me without ever had any training. I like that it’s easy to walk with him. He wanders here and there but always come back. And as I walk to the beat, I think the dog whisperer guy would be proud.

I take the long way around and buy some eggs and bread. The kids have been complaining about too much injera for lunch and they never say no to egg salad.

I stop at a particularly lovely orange full flower. I bring out my phone to take a picture but notice three teenage boys heading my way. I’ll just enjoy the flower without a picture, I think. I keep going. I’m not sure when they started following me. I’m a bit worried knowing I haven’t paid attention like I usually would have. I’m not sure if they’re talking or not but I keep walking towards home. Suddenly there are the sounds of heavy running feet behind me. They’re trying to scare me. I turn, give them a casual stink-eye and keep going. I am nervous but I don’t want them to know that. I take out one ear bud discreetly to listen. “You want to fuck me?” one asks.

I go home. The dog catches up.

You want to cry? Shake it off.


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