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52 Weeks of Light – Post Four

by Amber — March 8, 2016

Amber’s experiment with 52 weeks of light, weeks 25-34. This week featuring the northern lights & a man walking his dog on the lake. Follow her documentation of the quality of light and how it continuously changes from week to week in Yellowknife, Canada. Click the links to see Post OnePost Two, & Post Three.


Week 25, Weeks of light, Yellowknife, photography

Week 25 – January 3rd 2016 – 6:18 pm

-7 degrees
Sunrise – 10:06am
Sunset – 3:18pm

The first pic of 2016 and we’ve got an extra 12 minutes of daylight…. an added bonus, the skies are more clear during the day and there is an actual opportunity for the sun to get in your eyes!

weeks of light, Week 26

Week 26 – January 11th 2016 – 5:05 pm

-24 degrees
Sunrise – 9:55am
Sunset – 3:35pm

I did sneak this one in an hour earlier than I should have, but I’m already a day late and it wouldn’t have gotten done otherwise…. but if you look above…. our sunrise is happening before 10am! Woo hoo! And we’re up about 20mins of light since last week… this is the greatest time for Yellowknifers.


Week 27 – January 17th 2016 – 6:07 pm

-19 degrees
Sunrise – 9:42am
Sunset – 3:53pm

We’re counting down to some big things. It won’t be long now until the Snow King and his castle are back, until we have visitors and so many other wonderful things to celebrate in the light!


Week 28 – January 25th 2016 – 6:25 pm

-16 degrees
Sunrise – 9:24am
Sunset – 4:16pm

Look at that. Its been snowing all day, so we have a light blanket of snow out there… its masking all the happy faces…. though, some people actually left work today, in the day light! Woo hoo!


Week 29 – January 31st 2016 – 6:45 pm

-27 degrees
Sunrise – 9:11am
Sunset – 4:31pm

And this happened!

I had no idea there were lights tonight until my camera showed me the picture I had taken. Happy!

I guess in the end… the fact that my 6pm scheduled shoot didn’t work out, thanks to some testy settings on my camera, isn’t so bad after all… 45mins later I got this.


Week 30 – February 8th 2016 – 6:20 pm

-22 degrees
Sunrise – 8:48am
Sunset – 4:55pm

Man alive it was chilly outside. The wind is cruel!

I’ve been having trouble with my settings and I keep getting ‘subject is too dark’ which means I can’t take a picture… I fool around with my ISO and travel through the dial of preset settings and hope for the best…. so when I took this one, I thought it was another failed shot, hence the movement… but it’s not too blurry and shows the beautiful blue hues of a sun that has just set.


Week 31 – February 15th 2016 – 6:00 pm

-23 degrees
Sunrise – 8:28am
Sunset – 5:16pm

Sunset after 5! Sunrise after 8!


Week 32 – February 21st 2016 – 6:00 pm

-16 degrees
Sunrise – 8:09am
Sunset – 5:33pm

This is the time of year when change is welcome.


Week 33 – February 28th 2016 – 6:00 pm

-28 degrees
Sunrise – 7:47am
Sunset – 5:54pm

And here it is!


Week 34 – March 6th 2016 – 6:00 pm

-24 degrees
Sunrise – 7:17am
Sunset – 6:19pm

Despite the flu (for the second time in two weeks) and an SD card that wouldn’t work, after! I took the picture, I am finally able to post Sunday’s pic.

Love the evening dog walker out on the lake, it made my wait worth while.

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