Design a life (or: Be Careful the Questions You Ask)

by Sara — February 27, 2017

How to start and turn meditation into a practice. Acknowledge the importance of taking time for your own well-being and reveal truths through stillness.

meditation, questions

warning: not a true representation of my morning

I meditated this morning. For the first time in what I’m sure we’ll become my best and most sustained habit throughout my lifetime. Or maybe not.

Do you ever ask the universe (or The Source, or God, or Buddha) questions? I have been asking some lately. And I have some interesting responses to share. Not too long ago, I asked “how can I be busier?” And the answer was “lice!” Two girls with heads of thick, long hair plus and a lice infestation keep you busy in ways that feel more like a mama gorilla than a CEO.

These past few weeks I’ve been wondering how to get out of my head and more into my body. It seems as if everyone everywhere is meditating, especially in the world of podcasts. I love podcasts; I absorb information and I analyze and I question and I listen. But I have trouble taking the information and applying it. The simplest way of applying all that I’ve learned and being present in my body is to meditate, I decided. I even listened to a Buddhist podcast on how and why we meditate! The best advice I’ve heard for meditation is to identify thoughts when they pop up by saying “thinking, thinking”. And I love it because this morning when I meditated, the monkey brain was wild. And I could just say “thinking, thinking” and the thoughts flittered away. Without guilt or judgment because repeating it twice made it sound playful. Look at me applying podcast knowledge to real life.


meditation, questions


The goal is to make meditation a practice. I’m (still!) trying to design a life for myself. That in and of itself is a practice. And possibly one I’ve been neglecting for some time. Does taking yourself out for brunch count as a hobby? Meditation isn’t a hobby either but I’m hopeful the practice of sitting in stillness will reveal some truths. I will just have to be careful about which questions I ask.

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